Att bli Mallorcafierad - än en gång

A weekend on Mallorca and I am – once again – totally Mallorcafied.

Three years ago I was working on an ostrich farm on the countryside. When I wasn’t feeding Juan and his friends with ”supergreens”, or clear their dung out in eternity, I explored every corner of the island thanks to my Mallorcan friends.

This time on Mallorca I stayed in Palma at my friend Maria’s house. Her family is the best example of how to interpretate the Spanish phrase ”mi casa es tu casa” in reality. And then I haven't mentioned that la paella de Paca is out of this world...

I ended my working week with writing an article about yoga and an interview with Ulrika, before the weekend/vacation really started. And by the time I’m writing this I wonder what really happened to those days off? Time appearently flies and this is some moments from the weekend that Mallorcafied me of the mat: